Rethymnon Crete island ξενοδοχεία ρεθυμνο oriental hammam
Holidays in Rethymno Crete,City attractions & Sightseeing

..A shore so pure and wide, of fine white sand… To the other side, towards Chania, barren cliffs the colour of lead – a wild, threatening sight! …Rethymno, you know, is built on the border between tameness and wilderness…(“The Chronicle of a Town “, P. Prevelakis ).

Rethymno is the capital of the same name prefecture. There are not many places around the world where human magnificence throughout time and the blessing of nature meet in absolute harmony. One of these places is Rethymno town in Crete-Greece.  A charming town in Crete and one of the most significant tourist resorts in Greece with a variety of natural and cultural, leisure activities, which will satisfy even the most demanding guests. It has had a long and exciting history from Minoan times to the present.

The town of Rethymno is the administrative and commercial centre of the prefecture and the base of the University of Crete. Rethymno has been built on the ruins of ancient Rithymna and considered as one of the most weell preserved city of Crete while keeps unchanging its historic character.

The old town of Rethymno is a monumental museum.

The Venetian buildings and the old harbour , the Turkish houses and the minaretes, the Fortezza castle and the narrow streets give the physiognomy of the town. Eastwords from the centre of Rethymno centre  is  the longest sandy beach on Crete (about 12 km). while Rethymno atracts a large number of tourists during summer for vacations .

Attractions & Sightseeing in Rethymno City

Rethymno City has a privileged location in the center of the island. So you can easily visit archaeological sites and monuments in the west and east of Crete like the Samaria Gorge, Knossos, Phaistos, and more. The Venetian Fortezza castle. Built in 1573, is visible from every corner of the city and hosts summer performances by the Renaissance Festival. The picturesque Venetian port of Rethymno with its lighthouse and the old office, keeps the character from the Venetian era. The Historical Folklore Museum is located next to the Mosque “Neratze, housed in a listed building and gather historical and folklore material of Crete (eg ceramic traditional costumes, textiles, embroidery, traditional tools)

Traditional villages rich in history and natural beauty close to the city and give you wonderful memories. Rousospiti Ag.Eirini, Mills, Argiroupoli, Lettuce, Spili etc. The Monastery of Arkadi a monument of patriotism and heroism of Crete, the ancient city of Eleftherna, the river Preveli it meets the Libyan Sea to the historic monastery and Anogia the Ideon Andron are some places worth visiting.